we're in this together
stay strong darling

Natalie Wray.
they call me Snowhite.
16 years young and
suffering from an eating disorder. this is my life.
i don't support self harm, or eating disorders. I simply use it to express how i feel.
"we're in this together."
stay strong darling.
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"I’m becoming more silent these days. I’m speaking less and less in public. But my eyes, god damn, my eyes see everything."
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I have never heard anything more truthful than this

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before you date a girl with a mental illness, remember: saying, “you’re beautiful” won’t balance the chemicals in her brain.

and don’t fucking say, “i’ll be here for you, no matter what,” if you don’t mean it.

don’t think you’re fixing her by saying, “i love you.” because you’re not

This needs more notes.

All of it, but mostly the bolded

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"You’re going to leave me, aren’t you? … You’ve had enough of me, haven’t you? You’re probably so tired of all this crying and all these moods, and I’ve got to tell you, so am I. So am I. Sometimes it seems like my mind has a mind of its own, like I just get hysterical, like it’s something I can’t control at all. And I don’t know what to do, and I feel so sorry for you because you don’t know what to do either. And I’m sure you’re going to leave me now."
- Elizabeth Wurtzel, Prozac Nation (via endangerment)

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i don’t care
if it makes you
to know
i’m in pain

am uncomfortable
every day of my life
have been suffering
while you turned
your head
have cried
enough tears
to fill the chasms
you dug between us
when you decided
me dying
was not something
you cared
to watch
or stop

you can go to hell
if you don’t like
my poems
because i mention
i’m drinking
and you can go to hell
if you turn your nose
when i cope
the only way
i know how
and you can go
straight to hell
if you detach
when i tell you
i’m drowning

i don’t care
how uncomfortable
my discomfort
makes you feel

if hearing
me cry
is the worst
thing you’ve done all day
do not talk to me
about discomfort
you don’t know the meaning
of the word.

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"I don’t think I will ever completely get over what he did to me"
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"My problem is that every night I have to fight the same battle against myself. And some nights I lose."
- (68/365) by (KJ)

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"I still remember
That’s the problem, isn’t it?
I can’t forget."
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